"Let them freeze in the dark!"

Alaskan Independence Party


This broadcast aired on October 20, 2008 on CNN.

You may need to turn off your firewall in order to view this clip.

The commentary from CNN's legal advisor was not uploaded where even he states, "There in NOTHING uncostitutional or illegal in the Alaskan Independence Party's Platform." We wish this part of their broadcast was also uploaded to their web site.

Here's the entire CNN interview of Oct 21st 08, including Jeffery Toobin CNN news analysts. It's much better then the small original segment that I sent. It's eight minutes plus long and really positive. I presented it to the 2nd Vermont Republic Convention tomorrow on the 7th of November.

Rick Sanchez and Jeffery Toobin both make mistakes which didin't surprise me. Toobin says lower 58 States! There you go, mis-understanding still abounds!