"Let them freeze in the dark!"

Alaskan Independence Party


For immediate release-March 16, 2007

Mr. Kenneth Jacobus, attorney for sponsors of 07AKIN Initiative petition that was recently denied by the State of Alaska Attorney General and Lt Governor, has filed a lawsuit today in the Anchorage Superior Court No. 3AN-07-575O CI.

Noted in the Attorney Generals' denial the use of the word "secession" can be found 26 times, although in the wording of the Initiative, it is not used at all. The prime sponsor, Scott Kolhaas, when ask, questioned, "When is a "Vote" unconstitutional?", and then stated, "our answer will be an appeal of this ruling."

Lynette Clark, also a petition sponsor, and Chairman of the Alaskan Independence Party, noted that in the Attorney Generals' denial... "Alaskan Independence" equated to "independence is secession". She asked, "if independence is secession, then what is dependence? Despotism?"

The 07AKIN Initiative documents are available at akip.org for those interested in reading this Initiative, including the Attorney Generals' answer, the Lt. Governors' letter denying the petition, also an article authored by Gregg Erickson of the Juneau Empire, entitled, "Independence should be an option".

For Immediate Release---March 14, 2007

The Alaskan Independence Party is "calling all Interior Alaskans" to gathering at noon, Wednesday Mar. 21, at Debi's Café, off Van Horn Road at Industrial Ave. The AIP agenda will include two main topics, reviewing the Attorney General's recent decision on the 07AKIN petition and a presentation regarding the Party's "Joe was Right" oral history project.

The 07 AKIN petition was expected to be approved by Lt. Governor Sean Parnell's office later this month, but was recently denied by the Attorney General's Office, and thus, the Lt Governor's office. Attempts to vote on this issue have been denied by previous Lt. Governor's Ulmer and Leman. Chairman of the AIP, Lynette Clark, said, "I still consider this Initiative to be one of the most important works for Alaska and her people since the convening of the Alaska Statehood Commission."

A full report on the "Joe was Right" project will be presented, along with the first "airing" of the projects first production "Remembering Joe" on CD. Come and hear Joe again. This CD is the first of a series from the extensive cassette archives of his thoughts, knowledge, and speeches that will be made available to the public and those who remember Joe Vogler. This project with the permission of the Joe and Doris Vogler Estate.

Lynette Clark,
Chairman, Alaskan Independence Party

For contact or additional information: Call 907-457-1884 or email: lclark@akip.org

Letter from Parnell